Upscale Residential Location

in Palmdale, California 

Or an Upscale Discreet Hotel when on Tour

Please contact me via the screening page 

to schedule a meeting today!

Available for outcall everyday 8am – 7pm 

These are the times and places I'm available to host. 

I sometimes will schedule outside these hours with advanced notice.


Fri/22nd 8am - 8pm

Wed/21st     8am - 8pm  

Mon/26th    8am - 8pm  

Thurs/29th     8am – 8pm 


Fri/1st      8am - 8pm  

Mon/4th     8am-8pm  

Mon/11th      8am - 8pm  

Tues/12th     8am - 8pm  

Wed/13th     8am - 8pm  

Thurs/14th   8am - 4pm  

Fri/15th     6am - Midnight  

Sat/16th   6am - Midnight  

Mon/18th     8am - 8pm  

Tues/19th     8am - 8pm  

Wed/20th    8am - 8pm  

Mon/25th     8am - 8pm  

Tues/26th      8am - 8pm  

Wed/27th     8am - 8pm