Upscale Residential Location

in Palmdale, California 

(When not on tour)

Please contact me via the screening page 

to schedule a meeting today!

Spring Tour Schedule

March 2023

Santa Monica 25 - 27

April 2023

Santa Barbara 2nd  pm – 5th  am

San Luis Obispo 5th am – 8th pm

Anaheim 11th  pm – 14th  am

Costa Mesa 21st pm – 23rd am

San Diego 23rd pm – 28th am

(Doubles available w/London Pleasures while in SD)

May 2023

Palm Springs 2nd pm - 5th am

Burbank 10th pm – 13th am

Tulsa/OKC 14th pm – 20th pm

(Doubles available w/London Pleasures while in OK)

San Diego 23rd pm – 27th am

Thousand Oaks 30th pm – 3rd am

Available in Palmdale, CA when not on tour