About Me

Hello, Gentlemen!

I am a flirtatious, bubbly bundle of energy that would love to meet with you!  I’m often complimented about some of my physical characteristics, of course: my bedroom eyes, my dimples, hair…and of course, my huge and shapely….smile ????  I love that closeness that comes from being like a girlfriend, but don’t worry:  I can be as naughty as a pornstar at a moment’s notice!

I’m much more than that, however.  I am always mindful of how hard you guys work; I want to do everything I can to be as accommodating as possible, WHENEVER possible.  The discriminating gentleman has certain requirements that are not always convenient to the average provider, but I pride myself on my skills in taking care of those issues.  I’m willing to come to you, within a two-hour drive from Tulsa, and I’m ALWAYS on time.  Your schedule can be difficult, and I’m very conscious of that, so I believe punctuality on my part is an absolute must.  On the other hand, I’m also very aware that successful men work hard, and often situations can arise that are unforeseen and can’t be put off.  I can completely respect that and will look forward to rescheduling if something unfortunate like that happens.  I also realize that you work HARD for what you have, and so I love to make sure you get your money’s worth.  If we’ve agreed to spending two hours together, well, then you won’t have to worry about me looking at any clock or worrying about us needing to take any breaks.  Our time is important, and I’ll make sure that you’re satisfied as many times as you can handle…

I’m also mindful that not every man’s situation is identical, and so my discretion is legendary.  I don’t wear heavy perfume or makeup, so you won’t have to worry about having others suspicious of our time together.  It’s no one’s business but ours, right!?

Now, some things that I want you to know about me.  I’m VERY selective of who I see, and there is a screening process.  I enjoy having fun, but I like to keep it as more of a hobby.  I am certainly very low-volume in this occupation, often only having four to five clients in a month’s time.  This allows me to get to know what YOU like, and  we’ll have a more meaningful experience every time I get to see you!  Obviously, I like to have as much notice as possible to plan our appointment: not only time and place, but also activities, outfits and adventures that might be on your mind this week, too!  Usually twenty-four hours notice is enough, but the more, the better!

On the same subject involving respect of each other’s time, I do have some expectations from you before we set a date.  Please, please, PLEASE check my rates before you make contact with me.  I don’t negotiate donations, and you’ll find that not only am I worth every penny, but you’ll probably kill your chances with me as soon as you suggest anything close to asking for a discount.  I want us to have fun together, and not worry about the donations, so if you’re not okay with that, then please move on.

Christine Kennedy
Tulsa, OK