Newbie Zone

So you would like to meet a provider :)   


Let's keep each other safe - No one wants to end up hurt, in trouble or embarrased over a little fun. 


Here are the basics.....


A verified provider is a girl who has a website.  She will have ads on the more reputible sites like,,, etc. She will ask you for references. 

A references is another verified provider who will vouch for you because you've met in person.  

If you do not have two verified providers willing to vouch for you, expect to be screened.  This MAY include disclosing your real name, social media information, phone number or providng a deposit by credit card before the first visit. This is standard practice.

Your information will be kept confidental. Once you have been screened and met a provider in person, you will have a reference. You don't want to meet girls who will just show up without knowing something about you first. Legitimate girls don't do that.

Please do not try to negotiate donation amounts. It's offensive. Providers have different reasons for how they calulate their donation amounts.  We have more expenses than you can imagine.  We all offer different kinds of experiences. Know what the donation amount is before you send a message.

Please do not send providers naked pictures of yourself without asking first.  They might check their phones while at the grocery store ;)


Be polite! If you act liked a gentleman, you will be treated well.


Now, relax. This is going to a lot of fun! 


Happy Hunting ;)