Please take the time to read this section before you contact me directly.


I would rather spend our time discussing fun things, than the basic information you'll need to know before we chat ;)

Maybe :) 

It depends on a few factors.

1. What time of day is it?

2. Where do you want to meet? 

3. Have you been "screened" or have your "references" cleared? (or P411 member)


If not otherwise stated on my calendar or on Twitter, I'm available most days in the Tulsa metro area.

Outcall -  If I'm coming to your place, I can see you in as little as an hour. More reasonably 3 to 5 hours. **

  - I do not visit gentlemen in vehicles or sketchy places.

Incall - If you want to visit me, here's what you need to know:

I don't have an apartment for you to visit. I use nice hotel rooms. I may or may not have one booked today.

I don't automatically get a room every day for a couple of reasons. First, I like to keep my location flexible to best suit your needs. Second, I don't see many people. I don't post up in a room meeting guy after guy.

In most cases, we will decide on a location together. From the time I book the room, I will need to get ready, travel to that location and get checked in. (Allow for 2 hours.) Check in is generally after 2pm.

I will sometimes post up in a room if I'm feeling naughty and no one has peaked my interest. Check Twitter or my calendar for updates.

If you want to guarantee a meeting with me, it's best to plan at least a day in advance.

If you know you want to meet me but aren't sure when, it's best to get pre-screened.   

The most important thing to keep in mind is, we can't have any fun until you're screened :) 




By Reference, I mean another escort/provider you've seen before who will vouch for you.

This is one way girls use to keep each other safe and out of trouble. 

If you've seen another legitimate provider in the last year and would like to use her as a reference instead of screening, please remember it may take a little while for her to respond to my message.

I will need her name, home city and contact information. She will need to have internet ads, a website or a social media account.

Valid question....Fun! :)

I'm a very fun girl with a very open mind! I'm comfortable with my body and enjoy a wide range of sexual activities.

However, what I will and won't do completely depends on my partner and the situtation.

The goal of our spending time together is to have fun! Both of us.

The donation you give me is for the opportunity to spend time with me. Nothing more.

If you are rude and smell bad, we may just play checkers.

If you're a gentleman and make me feel pretty, I may fulfill every fantasy, you've ever had.






I generally respond to any correspondence within 72 hours unless you were rude or inappropriate.  

Don't be discouraged if it's been longer. I may just not have seen it. It may be in my junk folder or accidently marked as read. I could be spending time with family. You're welcome to send me a follow up message or contact me via another method.

If we were communicating and I stopped, there could be a couple reasons.

1. I simply got busy. This is more likely than not the reason. 

2. I thought I responded but actually didn't. Sorry :/

3. You said or did something to offend me. If this we're the case, I would have told you. I have no problem speaking up when someone gets out of line.


If I've blocked you, I mean it. Please don't try other methods of contact.

Yes! But, if I look different to you from pic to pic, here's why...... I've recently lost some weight. You will notice a difference in any photos posted after February 2019. Sometimes the lighting or filter will make my eyes or hair appear darker than in person. I have naturally curly hair, but I also straighten it or add fancy curls. I sometimes wear a full face of make-up but other times wear little or none at all. Position and camera angle can change perspective. I do sometimes use filters, blur things, crop or make other artistic alterations. But, I don't alter my appearance in any way that could be considered deceptive. I don't need to. ;)

However you like, as long as it's appropiate for the situation.

Clean and comfortable, should be your goal.

Not too much cologne.

No scratchy whiskers!


If you are unable to shower before we meet, you are welcome to shower and/or shave when you arrive.

***New as of 09/22/2019*** (Sorry…..those bad apples again)

There is no worse feeling than getting all dressed up and excited to meet someone new, only to get stood up. I need to know you’re serious if I'm going to hold one of the few places on my calendar for you.

If this is our first meeting, I will require a minimum $50 deposit at the time you book. You may give this to me by credit card or Venmo. We can discuss other ways of you getting it to me if those aren’t options for you. 


***If for some reason I need to cancel (a very rare circumstance, I assure you), I will either give you a full refund or apply double the amount towards a future visit. Your choice.***

Absolutely!  If we have met in person and you were a gentleman, I will happily vouch for you with another girl.

What will you say?

I will tell another girl about timeliness, hygiene and overall attitude.

What will you not say?

I will not comment on your personal information or other things we spoke about during our interactions.

I will not comment on your performance or physical attributes. 

I only travel with gentlemen I have spent enough time alone with to know it would be fun for both of us.

Maybe :)

Depending on your definition.....

I don't drink alcohol. I prefer to get my extra calories from cheesecake.

I don't mind if you drink, as long as you don't plan to drink and drive. Or drink so much that it effects you in a negitive way. 

I do not take illegal drugs of any kind. Nor do I wish to be in the presence of illegal drugs. If you're not sure what I mean by illegal drug, I mean anything that would upset a police officer or my doctor.

I do have the ability to take medical marijuana legally; I use an odorless vape pen. However, I will not have or use it in your presence if it makes you uncomfortable.


Nope :)

Most people don't realize this, but you must have a contract with sites like Pornhub in order for any part of your body to appear in a video uploaded there.  For this and other personal reasons, I will only be appearing in published videos with my established partners.

I am not interested in appearing with you in videos for your personal library. 

I am not interested appearing in porn under contract.


Where to start?....

If you are referring to my hygiene, the answer is "Yes! I would describe myself as an exceptionally hygienic person, who takes good care of herself.

If you are asking if I am a slob, the answer is "No!" You will not find the place we meet to be unkept. I will not make it messy when I visit you.

If you are asking if I have an STD, that's seems a silly way to pose the question but.....

To the best of my knowledge, No.

I am tested regularly and practice safer sex. 

It is in YOUR best interest to be tested regularly and practice safer sex, too!


That's okay! It's normal. I would be surprised if you weren't.

I'm a very easy going, upbeat, instinctively kind person.

I'm promise you will wonder why you were so worried in the first few minutes of our meeting.



It would be unsafe for me to meet in private with a total stranger. Even if YOU know you're a great guy, I don't yet. I need to know you're not going to hurt me or cause me problems.

Here are a few ways to get there:

Your Real Online Information

I will Google your email address and/or phone number before I respond to you the first time. I do this to see if you're using your real information to contact me. If you are, that's great! We're half way there :)

If we decide to meet, I will dig a little further. I may look up your social media, work website or other things on the internet. I'm checking to see if you're a real person, with a basically normal life. 

After I feel like you're safe, I stop digging and mark your contact information as "screened". I will never use information for any other purpose and I would never, never share it.

Picture ID

If you are using a burner phone, private email or don't have any information on the internet, you may send me a picture of your valid state ID instead. All of the information must be left visible. I will delete the picture once we've met. profile

If you have posted reviews on, there is a chance I will see you without other personal information. 

P411 (

This is a service that independently screens both ladies and gentlemen. There is a fee. They will want your real life information. But, you will have access to a large number of screened ladies and never have to exchange personal information. I have been a member of this service for 2 years and have never had or heard of anyone having problems. They operate completely oversees, as far as I know.

Phone calls or meeting in public

This is not an option! Just because you're charming on the phone or over coffee, doesn't mean you're safe. As you know, Ted Bundy was very charming ;)

Other options

If you can think of a way to make me feel safe, other than what is listed above, I'd be willing to consider it.  But, it's very unlikely!

Can I trust you?

YES :)

You are welcome to contact any of the gentlemen who wrote my reviews by private message. They will tell you I'm a very trustworthy and discreet person.

If you're new, you may not realize that causing problems for a gentleman would be a really bad move for a high end, verified provider. The gentlemen would most likely post about it and this a small community. 

Did you read somewhere that a police officer has to tell you the truth if you ask them, "Are you affliated with law enforcement?"?

This is a myth.

Police officers are able to lie or do pretty much whatever they need to do their jobs effectively.

We can debate this during our time together. But, if I'm right and you rely on this information as fact, your attorney will be debating it with a District Attorney. 

If you want to keep yourself safe, try to avoid....

Meeting someone new last minute.

Meeting girls who don't screen. 

If it seems too's probably trouble ;)

No!!! In fact, I find it offensive and will cut off communication immediately. 

I do not wish to barter for services or goods, either. This includes services of photographers, web developers and drug dealers.

No, I'm sorry. 

I have a busy life and it's never a good time for me to take a phone call.

I'm happy to communicate by text or email, when I'm free.

No :/ Sorry.

I'm not interested in entertaining gentlemen who are not serious about meeting me.

I'd rather focus my attention on those who are serious ;)

If you would like to see unblurred, nude photos or videos of me, you have 2 options:

      1. Request access to the "Members" section on this website. You do this through the screening page. It's free!

      2. Pay for premium access to my Modelhub Fans Only page.




***New as of 9/22/2019*** ( A few rotten apples spoiled it for the bunch...)


Things come up....I totally understand...especially if you're needing to be discreet about where you're going to be. If your schedule changes, tell me as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, it may not cost you anything to cancel and I'll happily reschedule with you.

What I expect.....

If you give me more than 24 hours notice, we're good. If you've given me a deposit, you may apply it to your next visit.

If you give me between 6 to 23 hours notice AND you are new, you will forfeit your deposit. If I've seen you before, I will expect a sweet apology and for you to reschedule ;)

If you give me less than 6 hours notice I will expect a gift of $100. You may give me this by using a credit card or Venmo. If neither of these payment options are available to you, I need to know at the time you book.

If we have agreed that I will book a room and I have already done so before you cancel, I will expect to be reimbursed for the cost of the room.


I accept most cards and other forms of electronic payment. 

Also, the old fashioned way ;)

In private

My place - Please lay the donation in an open place within a few minutes of your arrival. 

Your place - Please lay the donation on the bathroom counter where it is visible.

In public 

If we meet in a public, please discreetly pass it to me in an envelope or greeting card.


Absolutely! What girl doesn't? However, flowers and chocolates seem fleeting to me. 

Ask me about my Amazon wishlist. I've made it easy to find my perfect size and color.

Macy's gift cards always put a smile on my face :D

I will never expect you to cover more than the expense and time I'm actually out.

If I have already booked the room, I will expect to be reimbursed that amount.

If I have already checked in, I will expect you to reimburse me for the room and 50% of an hours donation.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I may require a deposit to book our next appointment. 

You will need to find a way to get me this fee, in a reasonable amount of time.


Don't laugh, I get asked this one a lot and I'm never sure how to answer ;) Hope this covers it......

I do not have any desire to cause you problems, make your identity public, contact anyone you know, blackmail you, stalk you or bother you in any way.

I live a fairly normal, quiet, comfortable suburban life. I have access to healthcare and a loving family who would recognize if my cheese were sliding off my cracker. 

I'm like any other person who has both good days and bad. I would describe myself as being a mostly happy, high-functioning adult who handles most problems in a healthy and constructive way.

However....if for some reason, I'm not feeling up to meeting or I have something serious going on in my world, I'll simply contact you and reschedule.




Under the right circumstances, I love to play with pretty girls! Who wouldn't? :D

Some things to think about, other than how hot it could be, lol.......

Any girl I play with would need to be screened just like a gentleman.

If you would like to bring a female friend, please have her complete the screening form on my website.

I will also want to text or email her directly before we meet.

If you would like to see me with another provider, I will need to get in contact with her well in advance of our meeting.

Unfortunitally, I do not have a "doubles" partner at this point.

Yep! I'm really, really real.

Also, the reason I get asked this question makes me sad.

Women aren't really targeted by porn bots and scams and predatory advertising the way men are. Most of us have no idea these things exist.

I'm sorry if you've had bad experiences.

All I can tell you is, I am real girl with semi-pure intentions ;)