How do I give you a donation?

Your donation should be given to me in a discreet, respectful way, as soon as possible.  An envelope or card will be fine.  Slip it into my purse if we're in public or place it on a table if we're alone.

Are your pictures really of you?

Yes.  I enjoy erotic photograhy.  My pics tend to be a little on the artistic side but they're all me.

Do you like gifts?

Absolutely! What girl doesn't? However, flowers and chocolates seem fleeting to me.  Being reminded of you every time I put on a sexy corset or pair of heals is much more fulfilling!

What turns you off?

Men that have bad mannors, don't plan, don't communicate, don't have control of themselves, don't bathe and/or try to negotiate with me... 


Treat me like a princess and I will treat you like a King!



Do you travel?

Yes. I love getaways!  You will need to cover my expences but I'm sure we can discuss an arrangement that makes us both very happy.

Are your donations negotiable?

No!!! In fact, I find it offensive and will cut off communication immediatly. 

May I call you?

It depends.  I have a full, busy life with responsiblities, just like you.  It may not always be convienent for me to take a call.  Email and text are my preferred methods of communication.

Why aren't you responding to my communications?

I generally respond to any correspondence within 48 hours unless you were rude or inappropriate.  Shame on you if that's the case!  You missed out on a great time!